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MCIA Board Members

Meet the board members of MCIA and learn about their accomplishments in the industry.


Swami Chaitanya lives in Mendocino County where he hones the fine art of cultivating sungrown cannabis grown with organic methods in living soil. Swami has been a Judge in The Emerald Cup since it began in 2003. He is on the steering committee of the Mendocino Appellation Project and is President of the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association. Swami is co-founder of Swami Select and an advocate of responsible cannabis cultivation.  For more information, go to


Subtly charming introvert, smart ass, businesswomen, and co-founder of Giving Tree Farms, Courtney Bailey is on a mission to bring awareness to how micro-dosing cannabis and psychedelics can aid in the treatment of mental disorders and in the longevity of recovery from addiction. Member of Mendocino Generations, California Growers Association, Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association, Americans for Safe Access and the ACLU.


Corinne Powell moved to Mendocino County in 2015 to join the world-renowned cannabis culture. Several months later, the first of a new wave of cannabis laws were passed and everything changed. Corinne is dedicated to the lawful use of medical cannabis as she has seen a myriad benefits in herself and countless others.

She is a California native, raised in Stockton, a product of the public schools and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Her working career has included: Private Secretary, Paralegal, self-employed Massage Therapist, educational non-profit founder, international ophthalmic capital equipment VP of Sales and Marketing, and surgical practice manager.

Corinne has been using cannabis medicinally since 1973, when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She has always grown her own plants. After Prop 215 she formed a collective to legally cultivate plants for others as well.

Corinne currently cultivates a licensed 10,000 sf site on a 40-acre parcel in the Mendocino coastal hills. She is dedicated to helping shape regulatory development in Mendocino County and intends to continuously advocate for the small, craft cannabis farmer who grows with integrity. She is particularly interested in truthful and accurate education about cannabis via the development of cannatourism and hopes to participate in that sector of the industry.

CODY BASS, Board Member

Cody Bass has lived a life of loving and learning about cannabis which has brought him to aspire to represent cannabis as a positive part of society. Cody has been involved in every angle of the cannabis industry since his teens when he began growing cannabis in the hills of Mendocino, at twenty eight years old Cody decided to open multiple cannabis dispensary’s through out California. Cody was appointed to the commission which was responsible for writing the medical marijuana ordinance for the City of South Lake Tahoe which was adopted. That ordinance allowed Tahoe Wellness Cooperative to be city licensed, Cody founded Tahoe Wellness Cooperative in 2009 and continues to serve as the Executive Director, he has developed the organization into a vertically integrated cooperative model. Cody is also the CEO of Bijou Haus Productions which is a concert production company that has promoted and produced multiple events through out California.

NAT BUTTRICK, Board Member

Nat Buttrick, CEO and Founder of the Madrone brand, has been cultivating for over 13 years in Mendocino County, California.  Nat has persevered through the instability of this industry by building relationships with retailers based on compliant practices and consistently providing clean, high quality product, with care and intention. The small farms that create this cannabis are friends in the local community, and the priority is to look out for their interests, along with consumers and the local community. The goal is to create a transparent and sustainable model of business and cultivation operations that benefit people and the planet. Nat drives the team’s ability to express these values through Madrone’s successful branding, packaging and market presence.  He lives in Northern California with his wife and two young children.


Born and raised on a farm in New England, Justin Calvino has always been drawn to permaculture, wellness, and design. After several years of landscape design and construction in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin went on to study eco-literacy and permaculture at Esalen and then settled in Mendocino County, where he has focused on fostering economic stability through the development of the cannabis industry. Most recently, he became a founding board member of the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association, in addition to the California Growers Association. Justin is best known his role in creating numerous local initiatives including the Emerald Exchange, Mendocino Appellations Project, Mendocino Coast Farmers Market, Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council, the Mendocino farm-to-table dinner series, and the Regenerative Design Center. In 2015, Justin founded Green Goat Estates and Terroir Mendocino. Through his work, Justin strives to shift public perception of cannabis while honoring Mendocino’s unique heritage and culture.

Genine Coleman


Genine Coleman is the Project Manager for the Mendocino Appellations Project, and serves on the Board of Directors for the 420 Archive. She founded her consulting business BrainBloom in 2015, which is devoted to cannabis education & advocacy. Genine works with local cannabis patients, cultivators and advocacy organizations throughout Mendocino County. ​​


I am a Cultivator at and Owner of Tokin Terps Farm here in Mendocino County, for the last 15 years with my Husband. Prior to that we were living, starting a family, and cultivating in Southern Humboldt beginning in the early 90’s. My Husband started cultivating up there in the 70’s. He is a 2nd generation cultivator. We have three boys and have been married for 20 years. Currently we are building a 10,000 sq. ft. Mixed Light operation and will soon be adding a 12,000 sq. ft. Nursery. We lean heavily towards the organic and natural methods of growing. I also love to grow my own food.

In trying to navigate the rapidly changing cannabis industry I started getting more involved in figuring out how to get legal. This led me to a few Board of Supervisors meetings, a slew of workshops, and then an MCIA meeting, this is where I started to hear my vision. The Mission of MCIA is also my mission and I look forward to seeing it through with such amazing people! Thank you!


Nikki Lastreto is a San Franciscan native born at the right time to be a flower child in her own town. Her cannabis connection began as a young girl smoking mediocre marijuana from south of the border and took her through global pursuits in search of other varieties. After some years as a journalist in San Francisco and living abroad, Nikki has established herself as a designer of sacred space and the co-founder of Swami Select. She has lived in the Bell Springs appellation of northern Mendocino County for over 15 years now, where she oversees operations at Swami Select, continues to write, and finally Nikki considers herself a “Mendonesian”.


Bio and photo, coming soon.


Amanda Reiman is the Vice President of Community Relations for Flow Kana, a branded cannabis distribution company that works with small farmers in the Emerald Triangle. She is also the Secretary of the International Cannabis Farmer’s Association, a non profit that advocates for research and policies that favor sun grown cannabis cultivation through traditional farming methods and a Board member for the California Cannabis Tourism Association.

After receiving her PhD from UC Berkeley, Dr. Reiman was the Director of Research and Patient Services at Berkeley Patients Group, one of the oldest dispensaries in the country, and the Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance, a national non-profit that was engaged in the drafting and campaigns of legalization initiatives across the country and abroad. She also taught courses on substance abuse treatment and drug policy at UC Berkeley for 10 years.


Tom Rodrigues is an artist, award winning winemaker, winery owner and rancher in Yorkville Ca. Mendocino County. Tom has been creating art since 1968 professional, being shown world wide. His fine art paintings have been exhibited across the country from New York to San Francisco and he has a painting installed in The National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown New York. Tom’s graphic art adorns some of the finest wine labels from Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Texas and Mendocino County, Far Niente, Nickel & Nickel, Dolce, En Route, Artevino, Maple Creek, Hamel Family Wines, Manzanita Creek just to name a few. Tom has sat on the Davies Medical Center Board in San Francisco, Mendocino Winegrowers Board, and Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association Board. Tom has been a Cannabis judge at the Northern California Harvest Festival, 1978 -1985. Tom has devoted his time to promote Mendocino County grapes and wines and the Mendocino County Cannabis community.

MARK SHAFFER, Board Member

Mark Shaffer is the owner/operator of Shelby Ridge LLC, which is a 10,000 sq.ft. sun-grown cannabis farm in Comptche, California. Mark has also partnered with Jude Thilman, of Dragonfly Wellness Center, to pursue the vision that Jude has set out to educate and supply affordable cannabis products for individual patient care within California. He has been growing cannabis for nearly 20 years. His B.S. in Geology from Georgia State University, in Atlanta, allowed for his training to perform highly in different fields such as math/science, technical writing, school government and event organization. The dedication and integrity within his work are paramount to the success he’s had in life.

Currently, Mark is working publicly with the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association to help organize county supervisor candidate forums, speaking at county & state government hearings, and hoping to organize Mendocino County’s Green Light Initiative for veteran care. He is starting a new entertainment production company and personal marketing “persona” called, Capt. Cannaloupe (@CaptCannaloupe), and is collaborating with Leonard Moore Collective, Dragonfly Wellness Center, Madrone, Mendocino Generations, Spark Highgrade Glassware, Soil King Garden Center, Mendocino County Growers Alliance, and the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association, and other local industry businesses and owners, in order to raise money for local charities and policy work. His public service work has recently brought him to join the Albion-Little River Volunteer Fire Department.

JEFF STEWART, Board Member

Jeff Stewart has been in the cannabis industry for over thirty years. With his experience as a small, independent farmer, combined with his years as a restaurant owner, he co-founded the edibles company Outer Galactic Chocolates. He’s been an environmental activist and supporter of legalization for most of his life, and he’s passionate about the exciting future of cannabis.

JUDE THILMAN, Board Member

Jude Thilman is a medical cannabis educator and entrepreneur. She co-founded Dragonfly Wellness Center™ in 2011 and is herself a cannabis patient. She started Bhutan™ — distributor of pure and potent Mendocino herbal medicines in 2015. She has founded and directed 501(c)3 non-profit corporations and large-scale projects since 1986. She brings 30 years’ experience in the management of complex, multi-dimensional projects and in the production of educational media, for which she has received national awards.

She comes from a life-long commitment to social change and has been an activist on behalf of many causes, including civil rights, gender and reproductive rights, peace and social justice campaigns, and many others. She strongly believes in health care as a human right and sees a return to traditional, herbal medicine as sounding the death knell for a “pharmaceuticals dominant” approach to resolving “dis-ease.” She serves on the Board of the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association and served on the steering committee for Measure AF, in the effort to end cannabis prohibition in Mendocino County.