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The MCIA’s offerings inspire learning and collaboration amongst our community and help our membership navigate this rapidly evolving industry.
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MCIA is a community of industry professionals dedicated to preserving and promoting Mendocino’s heritage of producing world class cannabis and cannabis products.
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THE MENDOCINO CANNABIS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (MCIA) represents California’s craft cannabis cultivators and farmers, cannabis product manufacturers, distributors, patient dispensaries, vintners, tourism entrepreneurs, marketers, and legal experts.

MCIA looks to a future in which our region becomes a shining light of success in creating Mendocino appellations of origin, in achieving “Mendocino Grown” brand recognition, and in defining our heritage and growing it into a vibrant and rich industry for our communities and cannabis culture. Together, we are united in promoting Mendocino cannabis and cannabis products throughout California and beyond.

As a trade association, the MCIA represents its members throughout the community and beyond. We also provide valuable tools like educational events and networking opportunities which inspire learning and collaboration.

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